Welcome to Busoga College Mwiri - 100 Years!

KULWA KATONDA N'EGWANGA LYAFFE: Men With Integrity Realisng Infinity (MWIRI) Stands out as the statement that precedes every person that has had an in depth interaction with the values and norms of the one and only School.

Founded in 1911, Busoga College Mwiri has provided quality, holistic education to the sons of this nation for over a century and is determined to continue this endeavour.

Busoga College Mwiri is no doubt out of the best and most popular boys' boarding schools in Uganda. It is big in size and is located in a tranquil setting, with a commanding view of Lake Victoria, Jinja Town and the Madhvani Sugar Estate.

The school has stood against all odds to provide instructions and education to the students. It has always been said that Mwiri produces men and results.

Students at Mwiri "catch" correct values, beliefs and attitudes to life as they learn appropriate skills to break into the ever-changing world of trials and tribulations.

To this end, the current administration and teachers are still convinced that Mwiri must still produce:

  • Good and hard working civil servants
  • Loyal citizens
  • Creative teachers
  • Imaginable leaders with a gift of originality, a spirit of nationalism
  • Development and a sense of patriotism

Busoga College Mwiri indeed a shining example of an almost integrated community with people from all walks of life living happily with one another. Every student is therefore encouraged to practice his faith. Our students come from all parts of Uganda and from various social classes.

Fortunately, this diversity has been managed well by the students. Our students never look at their background; their interactions are defined along what they can do better than each other.

Last year, we celebrated our Centennial Year - 100 years of existence and we continue to look to the future for greater success and impact on humanity.

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