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You Are Welcome to Mwiri APPLY NOW Schools support the whole child, the child’s family, and learning. All Students. One Mission. Knowledge apply Now Mwiri is An Awesome
APPLY NOW Schools support the whole child, the child’s family, and learning.
Mwiri Headteacher with Visitors APPLY NOW Schools support the whole child, the child’s family, and learning.

What sets us apart

A when you look at schools, ask about the kinds of studies that they offer. Some schools are academic, aimed at teaching children plan. In 1801, our founder had a revolutionary idea and better conditions for every single pupil.

Visit our school and speak with our parents and staff for more. to educate and empower youth. Vision of education inspire us today.

School core values

All staff and students of the school are duty-bound to be truthful, honest, and answerable for their conduct and in their dealings that affect the good name and interests of the school.

The school attaches great importance to dependable character and a commitment to excellence in the pursuit of academic and non-academic formal endeavours.

Mwiri staff and students are expected to demonstrate initiative and creativity in exploring and exploiting the opportunities and challenges in their organisational environment for their mutual benefit and that of communities where they work and or live.

Mwiri’s motto enjoins staff and students to fear God, respect and promote the interests of their country as the basis of wisdom and success in one’s life.  This conviction is fundamental to the holistic development of character and acquisition of knowledge.

Staff and students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and dignified manner and to comply with the school’s policies, regulations and rules at all times.

Your Welcome to Mwiri

To explore Mwiri, to reach higher, to experience the joy.


The vision of Busoga College Mwiri is “to be the leading centre for academic, spiritual and social excellence within Uganda’s secondary education sector”


To provide a holistic education that produces self-motivated, dependable and God-fearing citizens.”


‘KULWA KATONDA N’EGGWANGA LYAFFE’ translates as ‘FOR GOD AND OUR COUNTRY’.  Mwiri firmly believes that all Old Boys are duty bound to serve God and their country. Request a tour ➜

Admissions to school starts in

School featured stories

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Getting Started With Education

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Our Program

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    Belief that a balanced education leads to a powerful life

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